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President’s Letters

The New Peter Principle, Part II

In an earlier letter called The New Peter Principle, I talked about how our clients can’t keep up with IT’s expanding role and how that’s changing the industry. Technical expectations...

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You deserve a break, but not yet

The Challenges of Securing Your Work-From-Home Staff You dealt with the pandemic's initial disorienting whirlwind. You re-invented your company's ability to work from anywhere. You got devices to everyone, trained them...

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ECOH Management

“IT is now the hub of everything.” We’ve been working with ECOH for six years now. Here are the highlights of a conversation I had with their CEO recently about where they came from in IT and...

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Rob Bracey & Craig Walters

Partnership & Company Culture

Northam Realty Advisors Limited is one of our oldest clients. Over twenty years in the making, our relationship is based on shared values and continuous, open communication. This is the...

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Tony Aramouni - TICO and Quartet Service

When a Complaint is a Gift

It’s really hard and really important to see the problems within your own organization. Sometimes you need someone from outside your company to shine a light on something that you...

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Painting Your Future

We have a blank canvas to paint your IT future. We’re going to leap at this chance, pontificate a little and then project what your future could look like.   Our Approach...

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change order boat

Wasted Potential

Our integration services tackle successive small projects that deliver “bite sized” functionalities. This minimizes change resistance, builds confidence and gets your staff involved in IT development. Our approach favors evolution...

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Leadership Interview

CEO Global Network Interview   1. What inspired you to start Quartet Service?I bought Quartet and restructured it to reflect my IT services vision. I had a pretty good idea of what...

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Mastering Organizational Change

I sent this letter to our staff this week. It introduces a couple of consultants we’ve hired to drive change at Quartet.   All organizations struggle with change and consultants can be...

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Functional Illiteracy

This March break my wife and I took our children to Japan to visit some old friends and get reacquainted with the country. The service standards there are remarkable and...

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Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technologies only keep a few of you up at night, but please read on anyway. I’ll explain what they are, outline what Quartet is doing about them and reassure...

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The New Peter Principle

The Peter Principle states that organizations get hamstrung by promoting people until they’re incompetent. If you’re not incompetent now, you’ll get promoted until you are. Companies get littered with disillusioned,...

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An Unsolicited Pitch

An Unsolicited Pitch For years I’ve been hearing that we have to get our “elevator pitch” perfect. We’ve had consultants in and we’ve tried all sorts of clever lines about...

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Pure Juice

My dad made fruit juice for a living and he loved it. One day as we drove down the highway together, one of his trucks passed by with just two...

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