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Painting Your Future

We have a blank canvas to paint your IT future. We’re going to leap at this chance, pontificate a little and then project what your future could look like.


Our Approach Works
We eschew the big bang IT approach because it doesn’t work. Organizations evolve, passive-aggressive change resistance is real and a future vision without technology is naive. Our approach is to build off strong IT foundations, then evolve organizations through small, team-driven projects. This video explains our approach well.


Execution > Strategy
Execution is the differentiator, not strategy. This is particularly true when managing technology. For example, while there are many perfectly good IT platforms, we can only operate one well. The relative merits of different platforms are irrelevant compared to operational excellence on one. The same is true with support and security tools. How they are used is more important than which tools are used. A mountain of data is less important than understanding what the data says. The mundane (setting escalation thresholds, building call trees and testing cyber security platforms) is the weak link in most IT infrastructures. We excel at the mundane.


Infrastructure is a Negative Option
No organization ever got ahead with a great email system, or an impenetrable security platform, or for that matter, great virtual servers. However, lots of organizations have failed because of these things. Great infrastructure is the table stakes in a bigger game. IT’s real impact is further up the stack. Don’t trip on the way up, but don’t expect any applause when you get it right. You’re just getting to the starting line safely. The ROI on IT infrastructure investment is low, but the costs of failure can be very, very high.


Culture Matters
When the going gets tough, when ambiguity is high and when budgets are tight, trust must extend beyond technical competence. Our interaction with your staff will be regular and often in high stress situations. Cultural symbiosis is a must. As your IT platforms solidify and you move along the digital transformation journey, we will be leading teams, suggesting ideas and building bridges with your stakeholder groups. Communication and shared values will be critical. Would you invite us into your living room?


Business Terms Matter Too
Let’s ensure our business relationship embraces change so we can accelerate it. As a matter of policy and strategy, our contracts are flexible and adjust down or up as needs dictate and ideas percolate upwards. We have agile project services, we encourage collaborative consumption and work with other IT specialists very well. Change management is a Quartet competitive differentiator and we welcome suggestions for how to work together better.


Platform Building Starts Now
The top of the IT pyramid is where IT has the biggest impact. Your goal should be to build strong infrastructure and then start innovating through workflow re-engineering, data management, CRM and other tools. Let’s develop infrastructure and applications on platforms that open these possibilities.


Conclusion – Quartet is a rock you can build on.
We have very deep experience and an approach that secures today while enabling the future. We thrive on collaboration and our culture embraces change. The future for mid-sized business is brighter than ever because of technology. We help make your future a reality.


Robert Bracey

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