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Quartet is; Security, Support, Office 365, Cloud, VOIP, Confidence

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Veteran Status

We’ve been in business in the Greater Toronto Area for 20 years. We invest in processes, technologies, and training on behalf of our clients. We then leverage scale economies to bring small and medium-sized businesses the type of IT they normally wouldn’t have. This includes infrastructure management (cloud services, network management, help desk, and VoIP), security (24hr security operations center, disaster recovery, security policy development), and planning (virtual CIO, budgeting, and project management).

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Our Investments

We are constantly adapting our products to the changing IT landscape. Over the years we’ve invested in various infrastructure management tools, such as cloud services, network management, help desk, and VoIP. Because we know how important security is, we have invested in the best security measures, such as 24hr security operations center, disaster recovery, security policy development.

As the winner of theCanadian Business Excellence Award for two consecutive years, we guarantee service quality. With Quartet you’ll get the support you can rely on and an IT platform to build from.

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3-Step Process

We use a 3-step process; the first step is to do an environmental audit, the second is to create a visionary budget and finally, we’ll launch your program.  We work closely with your staff, leverage 3rd party tools, and operate on a 24/7 basis. Our staff are skilled, courteous and security cleared. We are well-funded, well-insured and our disciplined processes (SOC 2 Type 2 certified) will help with your compliance obligations.

Our clients typically strengthen their IT with retainer services. Their costs go down, security goes up and IT use increases.

1. Environmental Audit

We'll do a current state analysis with network, server and security consultants to show the strengths and weaknesses in your system.

2. Visionary Budget

Next we'll create a budget and project plan for you to present to your organization. You'll get suggestions for every stage of growth ranked into must do, should do and could do.

3. Launch & Maintain

Finally we'll launch your program. With monthly meetings that include progress reports, user satisfaction and live performance feedback statistics, We'll streamline your organization’s IT management so you can execute your IT vision.

Let’s talk about your IT Security, Infrastructure & Support, Office 365, or  VOIP needs.

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