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IT Technical Audit

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First Things First

Our IT technical audit provides you with a detailed health check and performance assessment for your entire infrastructure. We analyze single machines, servers, networks, security, disaster recovery, and more.

We generate live data and can identify technical and organizational stoppers and give you actionable reports in priority order.

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What’s the Scope of the IT Technical Audit?

During our review of your IT environment, we focus on answering the following questions:

What is the current state of your IT infrastructure and what are the roadblocks?

What asset lifecycle management system do you need?

Are tools and applications being used to their full potential, and do any need to be replaced?

Are your telephony needs being met with your current solution? How can we bring costs down?

How strong is your web presence? What web analytics do you need?

What are the major disconnects between what your business expects and what IT delivers today?

What IT projects and functions are needed to carry your business forward over the next 1-3 years?

Do workstation refreshes need to be managed more closely?

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Quartet’s Approach

Quartet’s approach to helping organizations with this IT Technical Audit Review and Assessment project involves the following major steps:

  1. Project coordination
  2. High-level IT Infrastructure assessment
    via onsite network discovery and
    remote statistics collection
  3. Onsite Telephony assessment
  4. Interviews with key stakeholders
  5. Presentation of findings and recommendations

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