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Hosted VoIP

Quartet has been providing high quality hosted telephony solutions, including business VoIP services for our entire 20 years in business. We have invested heavily in equipment and staff, so we can guarantee you’ll get a line when you want one.

Competitive Local Exchange Carrier

We’re a competitive local exchange carrier that is CRTC regulated. We ensure that all of our responsibilities will comply with the obligations under the CRTC.

Cost-Effective Equipment

We own all of our VoIP equipment and aren’t a re-seller of other VoIP services. Many of our clients choose to use our VoIP services because they’re able to avoid capital costs while enjoying the full feature set of an enterprise-class phone system.

Service Details

Text Notifications

Site Redundancy

Fax to email

Call Forwarding

Voicemail and Voicemail to Email

Daytime & Nighttime Auto Attendant

Direct Inward Dial (additional cost)

G450 Gateway (additional cost)

Lower your costs & get a full-feature solution with Quartet Service VOIP

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