Hosted Infrastructure

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Hosted Infrastructure

Our virtual servers are Quartet-owned and exceed the disaster recovery requirements of the financial services and healthcare industries.

Geographically Redundant Servers

We provide geographic redundancy by maintaining private cloud servers at a distance of over 100km apart. You’re able to choose from two of these customizable cloud facilities. This makes it less likely that adverse conditions such as downed power lines, cut telecommunication lines, or severe weather events will prevent you from accessing your infrastructure.

Secure Data Centers

Our virtual servers are located in a data center that provides a level of physical security that would be cost-prohibitive for SMBs to provide on their own. This means that your virtual servers are protected in a 24/7 physically guarded site with advanced perimeter control measures, video surveillance, alarm monitoring and secure card access. 

Hybrid Environments

We support high performance hybrid environments with a combination of on-premise, hosted servers and cloud computing capabilities. This gives our customers the opportunity to leverage our flexible support system to suit their business needs. With our scalability, we can fit our hosted environment into any type of infrastructure that you have. 

Unlike many of the competitors, we don’t force you to buy massive bulk packages. We provide you with a solution that’s tailored to your needs, and that you can update at any time. 

On-Premise and Cloud Computing

hosted servers

Image source: Nucleus Research