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Protect your important assets with Cloud Server services

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Cloud Server

Protect your most important assets with our Cloud Server service. When you subscribe, we’ll monitor your server and backups, apply patches, and administer access within your Microsoft Windows environment so you don’t have to worry.

While monitoring your server systems, we watch its key functions. This includes CPU performance, memory and drive usage, Windows system services, and events leading up to unexpected system shutdowns. If any event exceeds an acceptable threshold, a ticket is immediately generated for us to investigate.

Backup Monitoring

Through our backup monitoring services, we are notified if a backup is successful, has failed, or if there are any warnings. If a failure is issued, a ticket is automatically generated for us to troubleshoot the problem.

Server Administrator

User access management is critical to a secure environment. We’ll act as your full time server administrator and manage access to all of your IT infrastructure. If you’re running a Microsoft Exchange server, we’ll administer your mail server and mailboxes.

Remote Monitoring and Management

We’ll install our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) agents on each server for standardized support. Each server will be managed centrally and protected with Next-Gen Endpoint Security.

Monthly Reports & Tracking

You’ll receive monthly reports that track your tickets and you’ll get support for all managed services and server-related work. We’ll use this data to build a road map to keep your infrastructure stable.

Service Details

Monthly Install of Microsoft Patches

Monitoring of CPU, RAM and disk utilization

Monitoring of Windows service

Unexpected system shut down analysis

Administration of users, groups and computer objects

Maintaining folder and file permissions

Management of internal DNS

Administration of Microsoft Exchange

Deployment of RMM agent to every server

Monthly server health reports

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