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Business VoIP

With hardware rentals and 24/7 Business VoIP management you’ll get reliable communications services,

and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Stay Connected For Less

Our subscription Business VOIP service includes handsets, switching, outside lines, unified communication applications and support. No more surprise costs from outdated hardware, and no outages from service oversubscription. We’ll supply you with VoIP phones and fully integrated support.

Your VoIP Can Be Pain-Free

Centralize your voice messaging and phone calls on one reliable network. We’ll provide you with infrastructure, fully managed services and a whole suite of Business VoIP applications. We’ll be here every step of the way to provide you with the best support possible.

Canadian Radio-Televison & Telecommunications Certified Local Exchange Carrier.

In-House Telephony Experts With 20 Years Experience.

Over 7000 Phones Managed

How Can We Help

We provide IT tools and services to mid-sized companies like yours because you can’t do it all. There’s not enough time and you can’t know everything. We fill skill gaps and add processes, tools and manpower. Bench Strength. Specialists. Flexibility. Peace of Mind 

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Let's  Map Out Your IT Vision

Don’t let IT ruin your weekend, again. Remember when IT was your inspiration? Get it back.

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Step 1: Enviormental Audit

We'll review QOS (Quality of Service), connectivity and switches. Your network must deliver the VoIP quality performance.

Step 2: Visionary Budget

We'll build your numbering plan and decide which services & add-ons your business needs. All equiptment and PTSN access is included in one low monthly fee.

Step 3: Launch & Maintain

Finally we'll implement a program that maintains backups, schedules, move/add changes, service requests and 24/7 support.

Get To Know Us

We study usage patterns to refine services and performance targets. Services always flex to accommodate your changing needs. We’re always available for special projects, no matter how small, and we have a diversified in-house talent pool available. We won’t use contractors unless you ask us to. Everybody working for you will be a security-cleared, fully insured Quartet employee.

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