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Managing Licenses Has Never Been Easier!

Manage your Office 365 licenses with our new online portal. Its simple interface lets you view and organize your Office 365 and Azure licenses with ease.

Adding, removing and browsing for new licenses will be stress free. You can customize your subscriptions, view your history and manage accounts with a click of a button. Changes will take effect immediately.

We have changed the way our customers add and remove Microsoft Office 365 Licenses. Please visit our Quartet Web Portal and log a service ticket. Your request will be completed promptly.


How It Works


Visit the portal web page.

Sign in with your Microsoft credentials.

Start shopping for licenses!

Visit the Portal



See all your active subscriptions. Easily remove licenses you don’t need.


View your transaction history and keep track of license changes.


Search our directory for options or use the search bar to find exactly what you’re looking for. Just fill in the quantity and add to cart!


Review your subscriptions and acceptance dates for current status.


Watch the tutorial to see how you cam save time using our new Office 365 Self-Serve Portal.