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An Unsolicited Pitch


An Unsolicited Pitch For years I’ve been hearing that we have to get our “elevator pitch” perfect. We’ve had consultants in and we’ve tried all sorts of clever lines about what we do, but nothing really seems to stick. However, late at night I sometimes dream about getting stuck in an elevator with a group of prospects.


Here is what I say: Quartet is an IT outsourcing firm specializing on small & mid-tier companies in the GTA. We offer 35 a-la-carte services, have 40 staff and have invested millions of dollars in IT infrastructure that most of our clients use for Internet, telephony and data services. Our mid-tier focus, infrastructure investments and wide array of professionally managed IT services differentiate us. Mid-Tier Company Focus. Most Quartet clients are too big or too sophisticated for “Two Bobs and a Truck”, but are too small to get adequate service from a large IT supplier.


We specialize in mid-tier companies that demand high quality IT service. We have experience in many industries. We have many clients in financial services, health care, mining, associations, real estate and law. Our smallest client has 4 employees. Our median client has 35 employees. Our largest client has over 4000 employees.


Infrastructure Specialization

  • We are IT infrastructure specialists.
  • We will design your data and telecommunication networks, acquire the equipment, migrate data and provide on-going support.
  • We are a Microsoft Infrastructure Gold Partner, with infrastructure and information worker specialization.
  • We are a CISCO Premier Partner.
  • We are also highly skilled with Nortel Meridian systems.
  • We own 8 Nortel PBX’s with over 2,500 sets and manage over 6,000 sets for other companies.
  • We are experts at traditional/VOIP telephony integration.


Shared Infrastructure
Quartet made multi-million dollar investments in IT infrastructure and it is available for your use. We interconnected 23 office buildings with 100mb fiber and have 7 network operating centres. Companies in one of the interconnected buildings have a particularly wide array of services, although virtually all of our clients use some part of our infrastructure. We have sophisticated PBX and telephony equipment, data storage equipment, firewalls, a network monitoring facility, a private 7×24 help desk and other tools available on a monthly fee basis. You can avoid capital costs, get guaranteed service and increase your technical capability/flexibility by using our infrastructure. One of our sales engineers will be happy to explore the possibilities with you. Service & Contract Flexibility You choose what you need from an a-la-carte list of over 35 technical services and then we fine tune your services over time to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.


Most services are supplied on a monthly fee basis, although we have flat fee, hourly and per diem contracts as well. We have a special projects/consulting group, will supply your hardware and software and will manage specialist IT service vendors on your behalf if required. The end result is that you’ll have excellent control of your IT budget, a wide array of IT tools and years of IT infrastructure experience at your disposal. Our contracts are flexible, we are accountable for results and we guarantee excellent value. We’ll enhance your productivity, widen your capabilities, lower your costs and improve your flexibility.


In my dream, everyone finally gets out of the elevator with signed Quartet contracts and big smiles. In reality, nobody ever really looks at anyone in the elevator, but if you happen to catch my eye one day, you now know what I’ll talk about if we get stuck. You might want to take the stairs.


Take Care,
Robert Bracey,

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