President's Letters - Quartet Service

President’s Letters

Gravel or Canvas?

I owe this thought to my father and Quartet’s newest employee.   My father worked in the food industry for most of his career and put himself through night school with three...

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Cultural Erosion

It’s early December again and again I know what will likely happen. I’ll work way too hard and enjoy the season way too little. Sometime between Christmas and New Year’s...

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Dodgeball Days

One day my wife called me at work to discuss yet another wild holiday idea and I guess I wasn’t paying much attention. When she pointed that out, I replied...

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Talking to the Animals

We’ve done something about communication at Quartet that I think you’ll get a kick out of.   Our staff wear lapel pins that are one of four animals: a monkey, a turtle,...

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Quartet’s Big Switch

The Big Switch is a book that draws parallels between the electrification of North America and today’s cloud computing trends. Read it. It is way better than it sounds and...

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Evolution of the Servant Leader

The servant leader oxymoron embodies Quartet’s development challenge. The conflicting demands of being both a servant and a leader are difficult to manage, frustrating and often lead to compromise. This...

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Mobile Device Services

We launched Wireless Wolf services in May and argued that by managing mobile devices better, we would allow companies to save money and time. The response has been fantastic, but...

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Back to the Future

There are lots of pithy little sayings that summarize adolescent challenges. I’ve written about them before. They apply to people and companies; both can be brimming with potential, but conflicted...

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The Perfect Storm

We saw such a surge in special projects over the summer that we ran out of capacity. We have traditionally taken on special projects to even out the ebbs and...

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