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Talking to the Animals

Talking to the Animals

We’ve done something about communication at Quartet that I think you’ll get a kick out of.


Our staff wear lapel pins that are one of four animals: a monkey, a turtle, a lion or a camel. The pins denote what sort of communication style the person favors and reminds us of the best way to communicate with them. For example, communicating effectively with a monkey requires a different approach than when communicating with a camel. I guess we really are bunch of animals after all.


This fun little idea has taken root at Quartet and is improving the way we communicate with each other. A communications style test is mandatory for all staff and we regularly refer to a person’s animal in meetings, in training sessions and in meetings.


The idea is an extension of the book “Make a Difference. All of our staff read the book, then completed the accompanying communications style test. The test categorized everyone’s dominant communication style and then gave guidelines on how to communicate best with various other styles. While this is nothing new by itself, I think the animal categorizations are new and wearing the pins helps bridge a communications theory to a reality. We are reminded every day that we don’t all communicate the same way. We’re more empathetic, more accurate and more efficient.


We think effective communication is critical to IT service and the animal pins are one of several related innovations at Quartet. I’d like to discuss them with you by email, phone, letter, over lunch…..or however you’d like to communicate.



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