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Mobile Device Services

Mobile Device Services

We launched Wireless Wolf services in May and argued that by managing mobile devices better, we would allow companies to save money and time. The response has been fantastic, but we only captured part of the benefit. Now we’re extending our Wireless Wolf services based on what we learned and introducing a Deployment and Training Service. We hope you like what we’re doing and look forward to discussing it with you.


Wireless Wolf – We import your cellular usage data directly from the carrier into a secure on-line database and our services are configured around the resulting capabilities. Exception reports, usage details, departmental allocations, inventory management, etc. With the ability to efficiently analyze your cellular data cube every month, you’ll be able to manage a part of your IT infrastructure that has been a black hole for years. As the IT Director from one of our new customers remarked “I don’t know why everybody doesn’t adopt this.” Our on-line demonstration takes about 10 minutes and I strongly encourage you to take the time. Here are the main uses of the tool:


  • Cost Reduction – The Wolf enables three types of cost reduction.1. Cost audits with the Wolf are faster, more in depth and more accurate than ever before. Chances are you’ve never seen a cost audit like this. We have yet to do one without finding large refunds. 2. Rate Plan Optimization with the Wolf is even more exciting. Iterating between usage and rate plan modifications will optimize your fees. We have saved over 30% of our monthly bill so far, with more to come. 3. Administrative cost reduction in the order of 80% can be expected compared to manual administration


  • Revenue Capture – Aimed at lawyers, accountants and consultants, the Wolf has the ability to capture every minute of every call to or from each of your clients and import this data automatically into your billing system.


  • Compliance & Accountability If you prove that you are attempting to monitor and manage your employee use of mobile devices, the Wolf is a great service. We can track every call made by every employee. This feature can be turned on or off.


Deployment & Training – There is a surge in activity required when launching a new mobile device application or when replacing devices. Device configurations, documentation, shipping, training, support services, etc. These activities all subside after the roll out period. We can handle this better and more efficiently than you can. We are experienced and have the staff and facilities in place. Adequate attention to change management will help ensure a successful mobile application roll out. Our deployment and training services are project based and will be custom designed around your needs.
There are many exciting new possibilities for IT to increase your efficiency, improve your quality and lower your costs. We’d like to unlock them for you and welcome your call at any time. I hope your summer is going well and hope that we see you out at one of our events soon.


Robert Bracey, President

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