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Wasted Potential

change order boat

Our integration services tackle successive small projects that deliver “bite sized” functionalities. This minimizes change resistance, builds confidence and gets your staff involved in IT development. Our approach favors evolution over revolution and is a proven approach to build lasting organization change.


Our clients love these small special projects. They provide agility, confidence and value. There are 3 reasons for this:[/vc_column_text]

1. We don’t have change order fees. Under-provisioned contracts and big change order fees are an IT industry cliché. That boat doesn’t float at Quartet. We are a well-financed employee-owned company with salaried sales engineers. We have no incentive to “bait and switch” and our pact with key stakeholders precludes this approach. As one of our clients said “In 15 years, Quartet was the only IT vendor that I never opened the contract on”.


2. We don’t do “One night stands”. You must have a service retainer to do a project with Quartet. As a result, we can lower our fees, get started quickly and provide ongoing support. One client exclaimed “So I get a deal on the project and you stick around to make it work! Dynamite!”


3. We actually encourage small projects. Small projects fight organizational change inertia and help build digital transformation momentum. Think evolution over revolution. Successful organization change comes from empowered, confident staff. We build stable infrastructure, operate it efficiently and then empower your organization through small integration projects.

“There is nothing more common than wasted potential” is true with IT innovations. Companies underestimate change management, get frustrated by infrastructure problems or get distracted and discouraged during roll out. Our small special projects will be key to your IT success. Read about how other companies use our integration services. Don’t let the wasted potential cliché haunt you like it haunts me. IT potential is unlocked by people and people take time to change.


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