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Pure Juice

My dad made fruit juice for a living and he loved it. One day as we drove down the highway together, one of his trucks passed by with just two words painted on the side: Pure Juice.


Now they were 15 ft purple letters, but I still kidded him about what sort of marketing genius it took to dream that up. Then, in a way that I had no idea that I would remember so vividly 30 years later, he told me that nobody really cares much about what you do, that you only have a split second to make an impression, and that you’d better be clear.


The “Pure Juice” story is now part of Quartet folklore. When we wax eloquent about our value proposition, talk ourselves into a jargon-fuelled corner or otherwise start confusing things, we apply the Pure Juice test. Clear? Understandable? Important?


There are a number of new things at Quartet that are hopefully clear, understandable and important: We have a new website, with lots of interesting features. A free tool to evaluate your web site. Stories that replace case studies. Free technical assessments.


Have a look and call us if you find any mistakes. We have a $20 bounty/mistake.

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