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Are you getting the most out of Office 365?


Are you getting the most out of Office 365?

Quartet’s Office 365 Guide

Office 365 offers a new way to get things done. It’s a complete office in the cloud. You can work from anywhere, on any device, whether you’re plugged in, on Wi-Fi or offline. Office 365 gives you access to the best tools available to create content, work collaboratively, the way you want to, wherever you are.

And this is the just the beginning.


Getting started!

Get it done from anywhere.

Are you using a PC, tablet, and phone? Office 365 offers compatibility and use of access across a number of devices and platforms. With a clean seamless and natural experience, Office 365 gives people access to everything they need to get their job done from anywhere, which includes automatic syncing and files sharing between devices, creating freedom and reliability for your team. Enabling you and your business to increase productivity across multiple platforms.

Emails and calendar on the go.

With Office 365, it’s easier than ever before for your team to stay connected with new and functional email and calendar features. Staying connected on the move hasn’t been easier. Coordinate meetings on the go, access contacts, check task lists, and use intelligent tools to manage and use your email. With Office 365, you’ll never be out of touch again.

Store, sync, and share your files like never before.

Managing different workflows, projects and teams can lead to lost or misplaced files and documents. With OneDrive for business, you have the option of keeping and storing all your files in one place, with easy access from anywhere, on any devices, and sharing the latest version of your files with any member of your team. Making collaboration and keeping your entire team in sync a lot easier for Office 365 users.

Run more effective meetings.

It’s not easy to connect the right people at the right time, but Office 365 offers a solution. Office 365 makes it easy for people to meet and connect online, from wherever they are, on multiple devices. With Skype for Business, your staff can join or start a meeting in just one click, whether on-site or remotely. Now with features that include HD video, screen sharing, and real-time-note-taking, making meetings matter is a lot easier. Translating into more actionable results and decisions for your team.

Work like a network.

Keeping up with new innovations and technology is hard. Office 365 makes this easy to do. You can connect to everything important at work and plug straight into every document, person and activity that matters. With Yammer you and your staff can exchange ideas, get the latest information, and spot the opportunities to adapt quickly and make change happen.

Discover what your need.

Putting all the information you need to do your job at your fingertips. With new features like Delve you can now have access to quickly find what need across sites, files, conversations and more. Delve makes it easier to stay connected and informed on topics that you and your colleagues are working on.

HR & internal communications.

Onboard new employees efficiently.

Office 365 makes it easy to onboard new employees both for HR and IT department. Get started on the right foot with critical onboarding resources like documents, presentations, and even videos. Office 365 makes it easier for your employees to connect with peers and mentors, and understand the business and pick up and start quickly. With automatic task routing and use of forms build right into your site, O365 minimizes paperwork and assists faster completion, better processes, less time, and smoother onboarding.

Keeping everyone informed.

How well are you showcasing your company’s brand? Every company has a unique story, but without the right tools and interaction between people, showcasing this story can be problematic. Office 365 helps you accomplish this, by giving you a whole set of tools to help you stay engaged with the people you work with, create conversations, and keeps your vision moving forward.

R&D and Operations.

Share your knowledge.

Office 365 makes sharing knowledge easier than ever before. With O365 knowledge isn’t limited to just your coworkers, as you have access to share files and data with as many people as you want, whether within your company or across the world. Creating a platform for you to share good ideas, valuable experience, and expert knowledge to others. You have access to the best practices of your industry in one place, the ability to organize them however you need to, and refine them with your peers. Creating a more collaborative space, and better workflow in your organization.

Boost business processes.

Do you want to save time and make your business processes more efficient? Well with Office 365 you can. With new features that include automating approval to review processes is easy and doesn’t take much time with built-in workflows. Once these processes are created and put in place, you can keep an eye on how they’re performing for your team, department, or the entire organization.


Encryption of data at rest and transmitted

Keeping your data safe is Office 365 top concern. Regardless of its during use or during your downtime. Your data is always encrypted and safe. O365 uses BitLocker encryption, SSL over HTTP, and even IRM on Document Libraries. To ensure no unwanted eyes can penetrate and look at your data. We got you covered.

Regular backs ups of your data


With multiple layers of redundancy and backups of your information, Microsoft has you covered. In the rare event where your data is lost or corrupted, Microsoft will restore it. When thinking about backups and recovery, it’s best to figure out what you need for your business. This prevents against investing money on services you don’t need. As there are many different features of backups and recovery. Such as Versioning to Recycle Bins as well as recovery option. However, they are not indefinite. Meaning it may be too late for you to recover the data or the recovery method may not be ideal for you in your scenario. That’s why it’s best to figure out the best services for your business before signing up for a service.

“Hard” Passwords and multi-factor authentication 

Keeping you protected is our priority. Identity is important in the digital age. It proves who you are and often that’s means having a strong enough password. To make sure a brute force attack doesn’t lead to a breach, O365 users require a strong password. This prevent against becoming the victim of hackers looking to get their hand on your data. If you want more protection, you can enable multi-factor authentication. This is perfect for users who have more power or access to confidential information. With this turned on, users will have an extra layer of security other than just a password.  

Manage privacy settings to meet your needs 

Have more control over your network. With new privacy settings, you can control over what is seen and who it is seen by. Are you handling confidential information? Depending on your business, you may not want to have information freely shared. This is why having the correct privacy settings in place in important. As you can control and limit the amount of free data exchange that happens in your company. This can prevent data breaches, intrusions or data leaks. This can also serve to protect your employee’s personal information.  

Sales and Marketing 

Make a great first impression

Make sure the most important impression count. With Office 365 you get access to the power of professional quality design and content creation with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, with the same familiarity and ease of access you’ve come to expect. Collaborating is easier than ever before, you can quickly invite a colleague to work and view a project in real-time. Office 365 offers a new, cleaner comment view in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint making it easier to read and post comments. Now with the addition feature of versioning, so you no longer need to worry about losing track of the right version of your document. Just click and use.

Engage your audience online.

Connecting with your customers and partners is easier than ever before. Office 365 makes connecting more effective and with tools like Yammer, you can engage in conversations about the things that really matter, receive constant feedback and develop relationship with both internal and external stakeholders. Sync with the people that matter the most to your business.

Align your teams. 

How closely aligned are your sales and marketing teams? Deal are often won or lost depending on clear communication that is present between the two. Office 365 gives you the tools to sync, and bypass unnecessary emails and in-person meeting, putting you directly in touch with the people you need to speak to at the right time.  Skype for Business makes it easier to collaborate, interact, and share regardless of where you are.

Finance and Accounting 

Crunch the numbers together 

Crunch all your numbers in one place. With Excel you can gather all your information and put them in a single spreadsheet. Best of all, you can share and work with your peers on the same spreadsheet at the same time. Making collaboration easier and more efficient.

Make informed decisions

Decisions aren’t based just on good judgement or experience. It’s about collecting and making sense of data. With Power Pivot you can do just that. Power Pivot lets you transform Excel into a powerhouse.  By combining massive amounts of data from multiple sources and build relationships between them. Power Pivot, let’s you visualize, present and share data in compelling ways. Helping you dig into your data and make informed decisions and new discoveries.



Help meet compliance needs

Making sense of all the rules, laws, and regulation can be hard enough. Now add the difficulty of retrofitting your whole IT infrastructure to comply with them. Office 365 solves this by making compliance easy and straightforward. You can automate the processes for managing, protecting and preserving critical data. With Office 365 you can manage and create retention strategies for all of your digital assets. Respond quickly to litigation and audits, with a quick and easy eDiscovery feature. This self-service feature, lets you find exact what you need immediately.

Information Technology

Provide the right support

Take your IT support beyond the telephone. With Office 365 you can make it a one-stop virtual help desk. You can get in touch with IT, browse a shared knowledge-base, and submit ticket requests. Leading to better system maintenance, faster responses, and more focused conversations. Office 365 makes getting the right support easier than ever before. You no longer need to worry about upgrades. With the guarantee that you’re Office 365 services are available 99.9% of the time.

Empower people and keep IT controls

Strike a balance between IT and end-users.  Have more control over security and compliance to better manage risks. Allowing more centralized control, this gives more flexibility and space for end-users. Offering a safety net so that sites, content and emails are more secure. Office 365 complies with IT controls, permissions, and policies. You can now rest easy, knowing that no matter where you are, you have the security your business needs.

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