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Skype for Business

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Skype for Business greatly resembles Skype’s consumer-facing client application in look and feel, but it comes with enterprise-grade security and compliance features that allow an IT organization to better administer and control the software’s use. Conversations are authenticated through Active Directory and encrypted, and the system also works with companies’ PBX systems or legacy video teleconferencing systems, if need be.

In addition, Skype users are now able to communicate via chat, audio and video within their own company, or with any of the over 300 million customers who have a Skype ID using apps that run on Android, iOS or Windows. Meetings with up to 250 people at a time are possible. With Skype and Office’s close connectivity, it’s simple to collaborate right from your Office apps. You’ll see the contact card of everyone working in the same app as you so you can quickly send them an IM or email, or start a call.