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OneDrive for Business

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OneDrive is Microsoft’s online cloud storage product. With an Office 365 subscription you gain access to a 1TB storage space capable of accepting individual files up to 2GB in size. OneDrive is available with OS-specific apps for Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox, iOS, Android and the web. With OneDrive, users can store photos, documents, videos and all file types to the service.

On your mobile device, the OneDrive app shows real-time notifications of which document is being edited and who edited it. You will also receive a daily summary via email files you have shared, and which ones have been edited – this is especially powerful when working on a group project and want to quickly see which documents have been updated, and you aren’t aware of. Changes made to the document will be saved in its version history, so you can always go back and restore a previous version if you don’t like the newest changes.