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The Relationship Tree: Strength Grows With Experience

The Relationship Tree: Strength Grows With Experience

This is the second part in our series of Relationship Innovation presentations.

Deep, valuable relationships develop over time. They don’t just appear. They grow through experience, time and shared commitment.

This is especially true in IT services. Any IT company can deliver a service or ship a product, but they lack a deep understanding of the business, culture, systems and needs. Great IT service providers work beyond the transactions, and commit to growing a deep relationship.

Relationships elevate the service experience and results, because IT solutions are developed in context.


We created Relationship Innovation series to discuss how the depth of a relationship correlates with the value. Below is Part 2 of the series:

Presentation Summary:

The value of the relationship increases as the relationship deepens.

Efficiency increase as we learn your business, which allows us to provide our customers with an inexpensive, customized solution. A primary goal is to reduce IT costs versus increase them.

Depth of the relationship:

  • Delivering efficiency: shallow
  • Delivering knowledge: moderate
  • Delivering effectiveness: deep
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