Review of the Microsoft SurfaceBook, post Microsoft Store VIP Preview

Review of the Microsoft SurfaceBook, post Microsoft Store VIP Preview

I attended the VIP preview of the Surfacebook today, here are some insights from the event:
The SurfaceBook can be thought of as two computers. The tablet houses the CPU, storage and a small battery, while the keyboard houses the video card and a larger battery. What does this mean for users? You will be able to upgrade your video card by switching the keyboard module with one with a better video card! The keyboard is comfortable and beautifully backlit. The keyboard module is 66% of the total weight of the SurfaceBook (due to the large battery enclosed in it), while the tablet is lean and light. Folding the unit and holding like a book was a neat experience. The tablet ejects with the holding down of a keyboard button, after a satisfying mechanical click, powered via an electrical impulse.
The new Surface pen attaches to the tablet on the right side (sorry left handed users) via a magnet built into the tablet. The pen features an eraser at the end, and tips that can change the pen’s thickness.
Performance wise, 4K videos look amazing on the 3000 x 2000 pixel screen. The SurfaceBook certainly feels like it’s twice the speed of a MacBook, as Microsoft has claimed. For security, Microsoft has integrated an iris scanner for login. Just look at your SurfaceBook or Windows 10 phone and you’re logged in!

The i5 model will be available as of October 26th, with the higher end i7 models available next month.




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