Globe & Mail: The New Face of Outsourcing - Quartet Service

Globe & Mail: The New Face of Outsourcing

Globe & Mail: The New Face of Outsourcing

The New Face Of Outsourcing – The Globe and Mail

Rob Bracey, president at Toronto-based IT service provider Quartet, on a service provider’s accountability: ‘They can fire me.’ (J.P. MOCZULSKI for The Globe and Mail)


A Ritcher survey says more executives are turning to outsourcing companies to provide highly-specialized functions. It’s a cost-saving method to avoid paying costs to train an in-house team on these niche functions, while having the ability to “borrow expertise” from educated, experienced teams. One of these industries is IT.


“If a firm like mine is going to help you adopt a sophisticated IT platform, you have to have some sort of cultural symbiosis,” says Mr. Bracey. “It’s very difficult to get aligned, culturally and strategically when you’re 10,000 miles away.” – The new face of outsourcing, the Globe and Mail

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