Dynamics365 - Quartet Service


So you made the move to Office365. You are able to work with your colleagues wherever and whenever you want. Productivity goes up and everyone inside your company is happier and more efficient; you have transformed the way you work.


You might find yourself wondering “What should I do next?” What’s next is transforming the way you work with your customers. You can do this by leveraging Dynamics365.


Dynamics365 connects to your Office365 subscription, helping you to record every customer interaction & sales opportunity. You do this by a push of a button in the tool you already use for communicating, Outlook. No more opportunities or to-dos slip through the cracks; you are reminded of follow-ups you need to do directly in Outlook. You can do this from anywhere through the Dynamics website or from Outlook or the Dynamics app on your phone.


The work you do in Dynamics is used to deliver rich insight to you and your team; you can see your sales funnel with a click of a button. Artificial intelligence scores the health and probability of your opportunities, telling you which one you should follow up with next.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of how Dynamics can transform the way you work with your customers. The Dynamics suite of tools includes sales, service, accounting, project management and operations management. Digitally transform your business with Dynamics365.


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