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Climbing the Relationship Pyramid

Climbing the Relationship Pyramid

This is the third part in our series of Relationship Innovation presentations.

Deep personal connections lead to lasting competitive advantage. But not all IT companies are transitioning over. Why? It takes dedication, tailored business processes, and the right culture.

The difference between a deep relationship and a shallow one is commitment.

A shallow relationship is a quick transaction with a fix to a specific situation. The process doesn’t accommodate for change or growth.

A deep relationship on the other hand is ongoing. It goes beyond the transactions, and works to integrate both the client and vendor cultures. Both groups work together with a shared vision, shared values and shared commitments.

Not every organization will evolve into a deep relationship, and nor do they have to. But IT is a business unit that benefits from deep client-vendor relationships.

We created the Relationship Innovation series to discuss how the depth of a relationship correlates with the value. Below is Part 3 of the series:


If effectiveness provides a lasting competitive advantage, why aren’t all IT companies transitioning to deeper relationships? Because it’s not easy.

Key factors to building a deep relationship:

1. Commitment

2. Time

3. Trust

4. Communication

5. Ability

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