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Virtual CIO – The Missing Link?

vCIO’s bridge the gap between your business and its technology. They’ll provide context for your IT strategy by preparing business cases, bringing best in class ideas, and being a trusted advisor to your IT staff. vCIO’s, are available on monthly or quarterly retainers and do special projects as required.

Project Management in an Agile World

You’ll get more done without ruining your budget, or your weekends. Best practices are built into our standardized activity templates. We’ll modify them with you and/or build you a new one to meet your exact needs. You’ll keep control of your small projects and launch big projects with confidence. You’ll track all activities in our ticketing system and we’ll include your staff, lawyers, and suppliers so everyone is on the same page. Agility & control; it’s what you need.

Documentation & Compliance Simplified

We will clarify and prioritize your obligations and modify our document templates to meet your needs. Compliance, cyber-security, and workflow documentation are time-consuming and frustrating tasks. But not with Quartet. We pride ourselves on efficiency.

Here are some example assignments

For a federally regulated institution, we worked closely with outside counsel to complete acceptable use documentation, enhanced security policies and other good governance-related projects.

We assisted several financial institutions with their SOC2 initiatives. We provided project management, documents and policy, and procedure advice.

Working closely with the Executive Director of a large association, we completed an IT SWOT project, set development priorities, and rationalized suppliers.

For a defense contractor, we clarified the IT and security implications of new supplier regulations in the USA.

We manage the Change Advisory Board for an industry association.  The board includes suppliers, consultants, staff, and offshore partners.

We work with the head office IT staff of a multi-national financial institution to ensure compliance with corporate standards.

We help the IT staff of a financial client to prepare budgets, evaluate alternatives, and quantify the cyber security business case.

We rolled out wireless access points to 1,100 retail franchises.

For a large transportation facility, we tested the new operating system compatibility with more than 300 applications.  We then managed application remediations.

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Let's Map Out Your IT Vision

Don’t let IT ruin your weekend, again. Remember when IT was your inspiration? Get it back.

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Step 1: Environmental Audit

Audit fees are fully refunded once you subscribe to a service with us. The audit covers how you work and what you need, existing software and hardware setup, CSA/ SWOT analysis of your existing systems and recommendations for how to increase security, availability, and productivity

Step 2: Visionary Budget

We'll create a budget and including hardware, software and services . We'll present business cases for all initiatives.

Step 3: Launch & Maintain

We'll start to manage the day to day operations with 24/7 monitoring & reliable reporting

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