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IT Development Program

Our approach will be to understand your IT issues from three perspectives: Technical, Operational and Strategic.

The first category is Technical. Success in this category is best measured by risk. The second category is Operational, where success is best measured by efficiency. The third category is Strategic, with success best measured by new sales. Infrastructure must be solid for operational efficiency, and this efficiency opens the door to strategic innovation.

We will collect and sort IT considerations with these functions in mind. We will subsequently rank initiatives into three categories; Must Do, Should Do and Could Do. Each initiative’s business case will outline costs and benefits to enable detailed discussions. Your development plan will have clear deliverables/responsibilities, your easy-to-understand management reports will be reviewed with you by your account management team.

Recent technology has likely leapfrogged your current systems and strategic advantage will accrue if you adjust. Adopting new technologies depends on your change management program because passive aggressive change resistance is almost always the challenge, not the technology.

Step one in any change management program is building management’s shared vision for what must be done, when and why. This shared vision is the key and first deliverable of anything we do with you.