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$26,041 per employee, per year.
The amount lost due to
Redefine the way you communicate through Office 365
Masked computer hacker attacking internet services

FACT - A phishing attack sent to just 10 people

will gain access to your data 90% of the time

within your organization

Who is Quartet?

Quartet specializes in IT services for mid-sized organizations. We invest in people and technologies on behalf of our clients, bringing them economies of skill and scale they could not otherwise achieve. We have an exceptional value proposition that our 18 year track record is testament to. We customize IT products and services (primarily infrastructure management) to suit out clients’ needs and budgets.

Services include; hosted server and telephony infrastructure, user support, project management and consulting. All services are designed to bring IT agility. For example, upfront costs are rare, small development projects are common and most clients have unlimited service, flat fee support contracts.

Work Hours - 9.5% increase in hours employees tend to work
Staff Retention - 82% less likely to leave their employer
Productivity - 13% net increase

What is the true cost of a lost laptop?
Ponemon Institute says: $49,246

Ponemon Institute - $49246
Average Loss - $2616
Worst Case Scenario - $186042

Most lost laptops are manageable, don’t let yours be the exception.

Pure Desk™ has the tools to make this work, and the security to keep you safe. Find out how.


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