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$26,041 per employee, per year.
The amount lost due to
Redefine the way you communicate through Office 365
Masked computer hacker attacking internet services

FACT - A phishing attack sent to just 10 people

will gain access to your data 90% of the time

within your organization

Who is Quartet?

We are a privately owned Canadian company providing a complete suite of IT strategy and execution services to medium-sized and enterprise organizations across Canada. We provide IT economies of scale, and skill to clients on a managed service basis and are built to provide service accountability, reliability and efficiency at costs that are normally only available to very large companies.

Work Hours - 9.5% increase in hours employees tend to work
Staff Retention - 82% less likely to leave their employer
Productivity - 13% net increase

What is the true cost of a lost laptop?
Ponemon Institute says: $49,246

Ponemon Institute - $49246
Average Loss - $2616
Worst Case Scenario - $186042

Most lost laptops are manageable, don’t let yours be the exception.

Pure Desk™ has the tools to make this work, and the security to keep you safe. Find out how.


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