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Why Your Company Needs a Knowledge Management System

Why Your Company Needs a Knowledge Management System

Knowledge influences your company’s competitive advantage. An educated team is a prepared team.


The challenge is sharing knowledge.


How do you convince staff to contribute to a database? Are they willing to share information? And will other staff members be able to use the knowledge effectively?


A knowledge management system is an employee-collaborative software that manages intellectual property. At Quartet, we use Microsoft Sharepoint, but there are others developed by Moxiesoft and Atlassian.


When would you need a knowledge management system?

A knowledge management system is a great tool for growing companies. At its best, the system is a well-oiled machine that helps regulate process standards, customer service expectations and operational efficiency.


Quartet has been investing heavily in our knowledge management system. In the last five months, we’ve seen the launch of Windows 8, new mobile devices, two new server technologies, the Office365 migration and Windows Server 2012.


We recognized the need for a knowledge management system because we have a lot of new information and little time to learn it. This tool helps us access information quickly. As a result, we are able to better manage our customers’ projects.


Benefits of a knowledge management system

  1. Scaling – If a specialized technician is unavailable, another employee can use a knowledge management system to find technical specifications. The employee is able to resolve the issue quicker and reduce on-site costs.
  2. Training – Knowledge management systems are used to train new hires on your company’s processes and infrastructure.
  3. Proof of expertise – A well-documented knowledge management system is evidence of your company’s experience. It’s a log of every configuration, hardware and software issue your employees have solved.
  4. Innovation – Employees will feel more comfortable hypothesizing and testing if they are well-versed with the technology. Every solution becomes part of the blueprint to a new idea.


Companies grow with knowledge management

Bottom line, a knowledge management system organizes ideas, drives innovation and improves operations.

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