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We’re Past the Password

We’re Past the Password

The past year has made it abundantly clear that simple 8-character passwords are no longer adequate protection. Using loopholes and coding, hackers have exposed credit information, taken over twitter and email accounts, and stolen private information.


This video explains how vulnerable all of our devices are, despite our best efforts. This article makes a very compelling argument for doing away with the password altogether. And it looks like Google is listening.


In the latest edition of IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine (set to be published later this month), a new Google research paper suggests replacing the password with a physical cryptographic card. It can be stored on your keychain, worn around your neck Frodo-style, or even embedded in a ring. At the moment, it only works with a USB, but its quite conceivable that future computers will come with hardware specifically designed to interface with authentication tags.


The main issue at the moment is getting major websites to buy in. And they might. Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and a host of other major sites have all been embarrassed this year regarding loopholes in their security. If users don’t feel safe, they won’t be coming back.


So keep a look out for new trends in digital security in the next few years. We certainly will.


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