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How much money am I wasting on my IT budget?

How much money am I wasting on my IT budget?

“I know half of my IT budget is wasted. The problem is, I don’t know which half.”


That may not be the original quote, but the sentiment rings true. The costs associated with operating your IT department are difficult to pin down and analyze. Do you need more staff, or do you have too much? How much time does the maintenance of your network cost you? Would outsourcing save or cost you money?


Hence, the creation of the Quartet Outsourcing Calculator. Simply punch in a few basic facts about your IT department, and we can give you an approximate idea as to the time and cost of the work required.


First, it determines how much the salaries of your IT staff are costing you (including the costs of benefits, vacation, etc.). It then compares that to a rough estimate of how much it would cost for Quartet to outsource your entire department.


The next step is to compare amount of work your infrastructure requires to the amount of time your staff has to do it. This takes into account time needed to patch the servers, maintain the network, provide help to your staff, etc.


Although the results are completely determined by the numbers you punch in, we find that 95% of  businesses fall into 1 of 2 categories: paying too much (switching to outsourcing would save the company money), or overworking your IT staff (switching to outsourcing would get your IT infrastructure back under control).


Which one are you? Play around with it, and find out. Reach out to get your questions answered by an expert.

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