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Stepping Into a New Role

Stepping Into a New Role

Quartet has a long history of service in the GTA IT industry. Our experience as a headhunter though is rather limited. Fortunately for our clients, in a pinch, we play matchmaker just as well as IT service provider.

In 2009, one of the senior technicians of a client’s IT department decided to leave their company. Unfortunately for our client, much of their IT was centralized on this key technician. Thus, when he resigned, they were left in a bind.

As a result, we decided to send in one of our own technicians as a consultant on a temporary basis. He was well suited for the role since he had done some work with them in the past. Moreover, the full-time position was a good fit since he preferred working with one client at a time. This move allowed the client to continue running with little downtime.

After several weeks under this configuration, we approached the client with a new idea. We proposed that they take on the consultant in a permanent role. The arrangement seemed to be working nicely for the client, and the consultant was performing incredibly well. There was little reason not to make the change.

When a member of the client’s management remarked, “You’re just trying to dump one of your staff on us,” Quartet CEO Rob Bracey retorted, “You pay me six figures a month. Do you think there’s any chance I’m going to dump a lousy staff member on you?”

“Fair enough.”

When we realized one of our clients was in a rough situation, we acted swiftly to create a solution that would work effectively. Through discussion, they were able to fill their IT gap, we were able to help an important client out of a tricky bind, and the consultant was given the opportunity to move to a position better suited to his preferences.

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