Quartet tackles the biggest threat to IT security: human error - Quartet Service

Quartet tackles the biggest threat to IT security: human error

Quartet tackles the biggest threat to IT security: human error

New Flat-rate service encrypts all data, installs automatic updates, wipes clean hard drives on lost or stolen laptops/tablets and more
TORONTO, July 22, 2015 – Quartet Service Inc. is proud to announce Pure Desk™, an easy-to-use computing service offering mid-tier firms enhanced security, better IT value and improved productivity usually reserved for large corporations.
Pure Desk™ was a finalist in the Microsoft 2015 Impact Awards in Orlando, Florida last week. For a flat monthly fee, Pure Desk™ clients get a business laptop, Office 365, unlimited cloud storage and unlimited 24-hour help desk. The idea is to minimize corporate risk exposure to employee behavior by automating and standardizing operating practices.
“We want to change the way people think about computing, particularly firms with 20 to 200 employees like law firms, wealth management companies, healthcare and other professional services,” says Robert Bracey, Quartet’s President and CEO.
“The single largest threat to IT security is human behavior by not storing files correctly, or not updating patches and anti-virus protection, or simply by losing laptops, tablets and memory sticks. We tackle the issue with work flow driven precision to do these sorts of things automatically while eliminating human error.”
Early adapters are impressed. “The relationship with Quartet has been a dynamic process, benefiting our business for 14 years,” says Richard Stone, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Stone Asset Management Limited. “Once again this new and innovative proposal to outsource our mobile hardware on a user basis will have a meaningful cost reduction for us as well as enhanced security. This will put us on the leading edge of technology with ease of use and service maintenance.”
Lost or stolen laptops and tablets holding sensitive data are a huge headache for companies of all sizes. Industry giant Intel and independent research firm Ponemon Institute discovered each lost or stolen device cost an average of $49,000—and topped $56,000 if the device didn’t include adequate safety measures, which most did not.
“Pure Desk™ ends that problem because all data is encrypted automatically and if a device is reported lost or stolen its hard drive will be wiped clean remotely by Quartet and a fully configured replacement will be delivered within 24 hours,” Mr. Bracey says.
There are other benefits with Pure Desk™ including:

  • No upfront hardware costs as each device is free.
  • Every time a device goes online, 14 embedded subroutines ensure files are backed up, anti-virus programs updated, security patches installed and hard drives and memory sticks are encrypted. All this is done automatically and instantly.
  • Full and seamless integration with each company’s current IT infrastructure such as file and web servers.
  • The desktop image is the same for every company device and this increases productivity and prevents downloading of non-compliant software to company computers.
  • Each device is loaded with Microsoft 365 and any other software a company is licensed to use.
  • Unlimited helpdesk support 24 hours a day, every day.

The standard cost of the service, including the hardware, is $149 per month for each device a company requires. Other pricing options for as little as $99 per month are available to companies with their own hardware. There are no contracts committing clients to anything more than 30 days.
About Quartet
Quartet is an IT consulting firm specializing in small and mid-tier companies. It offers services backed by sophisticated IT infrastructure to support its clients with Internet, mobile, voice and data services. Quartet’s services range from designing its clients’ data and telecommunications networks and acquiring equipment to migrating data and providing on-going service support. www.quartetservice.com

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