Quartet Service Celebrates 3 Years of SOC 2 Compliance

Quartet Service Celebrates 3 Years of SOC 2 Compliance

Quartet Service Celebrates 3 Years of SOC 2 Compliance

Toronto IT Firm’s Investment in its Clients’ Peace of Mind Pays Off in Uncertain Times

April 2, 2020

When Quartet Service, one of Toronto’s leading IT-service boutiques, began investing in SOC 2 compliance in 2017, the business benefits were not immediately clear to a lot of their clients. Over three years later, the benefits have become obvious.


“The small and medium Toronto businesses we serve are under a lot of pressure right now. They have to protect their companies and serve their customers through a period of unprecedented uncertainty. With us they can rest assured about the security and performance of their IT systems,” said Rob Bracey.

Quartet Service’s approach is to invest in tools and capabilities that its clients are sophisticated enough to need, but not large enough to afford on their own.

“We’ve made enormous investments in security tools and processes to keep our clients’ systems up and running securely. Our SOC 2 Type II compliance is a great example of this. It assures our clients that our processes are independently audited and approved to have met the highest standards. This lets them take a deep breath and focus on their business.”

The benefits of SOC 2 compliance increase with time. Quartet Service’s years of experience in establishing and maintaining SOC 2 Type II compliance continues to give their clients an edge.

“There’s a lot of work involved in becoming SOC 2 Type II certified, but a lot more in staying certified. You can’t just become compliant and put everything into cruise control. You have to work at it every day. We’ve stayed compliant for years and it’s really changed and strengthened how we do everything. That comes with time,” said Rob Bracey.

About Quartet Service
Quartet Service has been in business in the Greater Toronto Area for 20 years. They invest in processes, technologies and training on behalf of their clients. Quartet Service leverages scale economies to bring small and medium sized businesses the level of IT they normally couldn’t have. This includes infrastructure management (cloud services, network management, help desk, and VoIP), security (24hr security operations center, disaster recovery, security policy development) and planning (virtual CIO, budgeting and project management).
For more information or to arrange an conversation, please visit QuartetService.com or contact:
Rob Bracey
President, Quartet Service
416-407-1369 ext.2107


If you’d like more information about the details of the various levels of SOC (System and Organization Controls), and what benefits having a SOC 2 Type 2 certified IT managed services provider can bring to your business, please get in touch with us and we’ll take you through the details of SOC and its benefits to your business.

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