Quartet is a Canadian Microsoft Surface Partner - Quartet Service

Quartet is a Canadian Microsoft Surface Partner

Quartet is a Canadian Microsoft Surface Partner

Quartet Appointed Microsoft Surface Partner


Quartet Service Inc., a Microsoft Gold Partner, is now a Microsoft Surface Pro Partner. We are one of a select number of resellers in Canada. The newest Surface Pro 3 offers exceptional portability and power in an attractive package.


Microsoft is not bragging when they say the Surface Pro 3 is the tablet that can replace your office computer. It packs the same power found in a laptop, but is even more portable, so you will actually use it everywhere. It can even handle media editing on the side.


Surface Pro comes loaded with Windows 8.1 and is easily powerful enough for Windows 10 when released. Connecting to your network? Not a problem. Office 365 will have you working in no time with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for messaging. Microsoft Lync gives you HD video conferencing and an instant messaging app for remotely working with your team. And, if you haven’t tried OneNote, you are in for a treat. Think of Notepad on steroids: you can type or handwrite, and paste photos or audio clips to individual files to create a notebook of your thoughts. It is like an artist’s electronic notebook full of clips, doodles and ideas, digitized, and you can access your OneNote account on any device you have.


The Surface Pro is actually page sized and easily displays a full sheet in portrait mode with no scrolling. Because it is a familiar size, it fits comfortably in any folder, luggage or purse. The Surface Pro’s 12” screen is tough enough for daily use.


The Surface Pro 3 is a bright silver magnesium tablet weighing only 1.8lbs. You have a USB3 plug for mouse or external storage options, and a MicroSD storage slot which supports up to 128GB of removable memory is found beside it.


A mini DisplayPort jack allows you to connect the Surface Pro to projectors or most modern displays for presentations, or extending your computer’s workspace. The built-in WiFi 802.11ac networking adaptor allows easy connectivity in your office or while visiting clients, giving you seamless access to your network resources and printers.


The Type Cover keyboard has been redesigned with a better laptop feel and touchpad. The biggest improvement is the redesigned magnetic hinge that is so strong it makes for more stable, prolonged typing.


The Surface Pen is styled to feel like a regular pen, and you will soon find it indispensable for writing, highlighting and sketching. It works using Bluetooth, and tracking on the screen is precise and you will quickly find it indispensable.


You may wonder how long the battery will last during your work day. With WiFi on, and taking full advantage of the rugged solid state hard drive, a respectable 8 hours of steady use can be expected. If you forget the AC charger you can fall back on using a standard microUSB cable for trickle charging duties.

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