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How to Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

How to Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Positive feedback from an employee reflects well on the company. It promotes your brand and improves employee engagement.


Employees are on the frontlines


The first thing a customer hears on the phone is the voice of an employee. They meet employees face-to-face and they converse with employees over email and social networks. They watch employees make sales pitch on behalf of the company.


According to Madison Performance Group 78% of  employees would recommend their customers’ products if they’re engaged in the company. The study says if employees are unhappy, only 13 per cent would recommend company products. Positive brand ambassadors can make a significant difference on a company’s profit!


What can you do to turn your employees into authentic brand ambassadors?

1. Achievements – Begin celebrating the company’s successes because it will drive a communal sense of accomplishment. Recently, Quartet was spotted in the press and received national recognition for our achievements. We shared this news with the company, and we saw our employees share it with their friends and colleagues.

2. Customer service – If every employee contributes to the customer service experience, are there any areas that can be improved?

3. Growth opportunities – Give your employees the opportunity to take on responsibility. This will allow you to grow talent internally and allow them to progress with their careers.

4. Communicate and collaborate – Allow time for employees to work together and share ideas. When an employee has a sense of accomplishment, individually or as a team, it becomes another motivator and morale booster.

5. Connected company culture – Build company-wide trust, transparency and camaraderie among your employees. Give them a reason to celebrate and communicate.

6. Talent – It is demotivating to see a high turnover of staff in the office. Retaining great talent means the company is investing in their employees.


Engaged employees provide the competitive advantage

Positive brand ambassadors will help increase your profits, improve your company morale and will build more valuable relationships with your customers.



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