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Google’s Glass Half Full?

Google’s Glass Half Full?

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Google’s Minority Report-style headset UI. Ever since they released their ‘Concept video‘ people have been wondering if the actual product can live up to their expectations. This thing is supposed to be able to send (via preset responses) and receive email, schedule appointments, give directions, take pictures and video, view them and a host of other smartphone mainstays. But is our current technology up to the task?

So aside from the concept video, what do we know? Well, Google recently released their first video shot on the headset, of a trampoline. Fitting, considering the whole hands-free technology angle. They’ve also let a few people take a look at a prototype. Google exec Sergey Brin showed off the device on the ‘Gavin Newsom Show,’ hosted by California’s Lieutenant Governor. Newsom had a chance to wear the device, and look at a few pictures, while Brin navigated for him via a touch pad on the right side of the headset. “You can easily forget you have them on, and sense the capacity of use in the future,” Newsom said afterwards, also remarking that the image was “remarkably clear.” However, it should be noted that the image won’t take up your entire field of vision (as shown on the concept video), but rather only be a small screen in the top right corner. This technology has been around for a few years, so it isn’t quite as exciting as promised. Hopefully an intuitive UI will make up for it.


If you’re interested in augmented reality devices, we highly recommend this TED video of ‘SixthSense;’ a wearable pendant that incorporates a camera, projector and pocket PC.

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