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Canada’s Wireless Dilemma

Canada’s Wireless Dilemma

It’s time for businesses to say enough is enough. There’s not enough competition in the Canadian wireless sector, and the big Telcos are taking advantage of us.


Quartet Service has analyzed approximately 40 companies’ wireless bills covering thousands of phone records. Rob Bracey, CEO of Quartet remarked, “Not once did we find an error that was anything other than the telecom company overcharging. The Telcos always, not consistently, but always charged more than what their contracts said.”


Bring accountability to wireless bills

Always assume there will be mistakes on your wireless bill.


We found close to $500,000 in extra charges for a mid-size company with over 350 devices. That was almost half their bill. Quartet developed the Wireless Wolf Service, a wireless billing audit program, because our clients needed a process to hold the Telcos accountable. Wireless Wolf compiles a company’s cell phone bills, and our auditors analyze the trends and compare usage with the service agreements.


The Wireless Wolf Service repeatedly uncovers billing discrepancies:

  • Excessive roaming charges
  • Miss-assigned handsets
  • Incorrect billing
  • Authorization barriers
  • Disproportionate overuse and underuse charges


Keep your wireless carriers accountable

On September 17th the Telcos will be placing their opening bids on the Canadian wireless spectrum auction. The new spectrum will provide the Telcos, both new and incumbent, increased coverage and service options. The Federal Government’s goal for the auction is to allow new entrants into the Canadian wireless sector and increase competition. We support this goal. The Big Three Telcos—Bell, Telus and Rogers—need more competition. Canadian’s are paying far too much for the wireless services, even without the errors.


But don’t expect the spectrum auction to change much in the near future. We don’t foresee any changes in the telecom sector for at least 12 to 24 months.


In the meantime, hold your wireless providers accountable. Do not allow extra charges and billing mistakes to slip through the cracks. Audit your wireless bills quarterly.


Two key areas to analyze:

1. Compare usage charges with your service agreements. Are you getting what you paid for?

2. Examine roaming and long-distance charges, and ensure you have the right package for your business needs.


These are services you can conduct internally, or outsource them for increased efficiency and accountability. Wireless audits are a best practice for business, because you can guarantee the Telcos are overcharging you.

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