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Tech Headlines: January 20, 2012

Where oh where has the time gone? It’s been a while since our last news roundup post. We’re trying to think of new, creative things we can do with this blog — have suggestions? send us a message! — so in the meantime, let’s go with what works.

Here’s this week’s roundup of technology news:

SOPA & PIPA anti-piracy bills stopped by Congress
“U.S. lawmakers halted controversial anti-piracy legislation Friday, delivering a stunning victory for websites like Wikipedia that staged an unprecedented online protest this week to try and kill the bills.” - Financial Post

SOPA & PIPA protests: “A political coming-of-age for tech industry”
“With a Web-wide protest on Wednesday that includes a 24-hour shutdown of the English-language Wikipedia, the legislative battle over two Internet piracy bills has reached an extraordinary moment — a political coming of age for a relatively young and disorganized industry that has largely steered clear of lobbying and other political games in Washington.” – New York Times

BlackBerry PlayBook back on sale for consumers + businesses
“Anyone looking to purchase the 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB PlayBook can pick one up for $299 between January 9 and February 4. RIM is offering even steeper discounts to businesses that want to order more than 100 PlayBooks.” – InformationWeek

10 Canadian Tech Stocks to Watch in 2012
“What stocks will you be watching closest in 2012? Cantech Letter polled some of Canada’s best technology analysts to see what’s on their list. We asked for Canadian technology stocks, regardless of size, they felt may have a breakout year ahead.” – Cantech Letter

File Sharing is a religion in Sweden
“Sweden dealt a symbolic blow to the global fight against digital music and film piracy by recognizing a group that promotes file-sharing across the Internet as a religion. One of the most wired nations in the world, Sweden has long been a battleground between those who support file-sharing and the music and film industry. The Nordic state gave birth to the world’s largest filesharing website, Pirate Bay.” – Ottawa Citizen

For more in-depth technology news, check out the Financial Post Tech Desk.


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