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Mobile Management

Ensure every device with corporate accessibility is meeting security standards.
Leave all contract negotiations, product orders and security to us for your iPhone, Blackberry or Android devices.

Ensuring appropriate data use among your employees reduces the cost of your monthly plan by 22%, on average.

Quartet has managed the mobile device needs of small, medium and large multinational companies. Over 50 clients have used this service for the past six years, and we have saved them over $4,000,000. One client alone saw $626,000 in savings in the first year.

Analyzing both technical usage (bandwidth, data and sites visited) as well as employee behaviour (non-work-related browsing and downloading), we have always found mistakes in billing and they are never in the client’s favour. We work hard to find those errors, and if you have over 15 devices in your organization, we guarantee savings can be found for you, too.

Our Helpdesk staff are trained and certified to support and manage BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices. We’ve deployed BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (BES) to over 50 organizations and currently manage 40 BES environments, supporting thousands of end-user devices.

Standard service options include:

  • Device deployment
  • Device activation and testing
  • Configuration and kitting
  • End user Training

We don’t just monitor usage

We push software updates and security configurations, and restrict applications and functions as you see fit. We can also remotely wipe devices and check file configurations if a device is lost, to protect your data

Technical Insights

Embrace BYOD, or risk SYOD, Smuggle Your Own Device.

Risk of data loss is arguably higher from mobile devices when compared to desktop or laptop PCs. Why? The likelihood of a mobile device travelling with the owner due to its portability, virtually guarantees it will get lost, misplaced or damaged more frequently.

BYOD is a risk-laden fact of life the IT department must work with. You must make sure that it doesn’t start standing for bring-your-own-disaster, as there are some serious risks:

  • 90% have disabled auto-lock for tablets and 75% have done the same for smartphones
  • 81% of adults use their own personal device for work use
  • 55% of companies allow downloading of apps at the discretion of their employees; most do not monitor the billing impact of bandwidth
  • 41% of employees have backed up their smartphone
  • 34% of cell-based or hoteling employees go online primarily with their smartphone
  • Only 10% of organizations are “fully aware” of what mobile devices are doing on their network

However, BYOD can improve employee efficiency. Not everyone is a BlackBerry person; likewise, certain verticals tend to gravitate towards specific devices. Android devices dominate in transportation, healthcare, utilities and telcos. As it’s easier for Android to translate web based applications and customize apps for the smartphone environment.

Smartphones are largely ignored.

How are your risk concerns being addressed? In 2015 it is estimated that over $7B will be spent on desktop and mobile security client solutions; of that, only 25% will be dedicated to just mobile devices. Permitting a BYOD policy will net capital savings. The prudent action would be to apply those savings towards the security for all devices.

Employees will always bring their own devices to the workplace. The question is: are you ready?

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