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Office365 – Training Portal

58% of most training is forgotten within 30 minutes, another 33% is lost after 48 hours and retention falls to 15% by the time learnings are put into practice.  Our continuous learning programs fight this trend.  Participants iterate between theory and practice in small chunks.

Learn, use, repeat.  We have over 1,000 training videos available! Continuous learning is excellent for developing IT skills and driving lasting organizational change.

There are 4 aspects to our training services:
1. Our video library covers over 1,000 topics! It is a fantastic resource. Click the video to the left to see a sample video.
2. Our help desk and on-site support service include one-on-one training and new product orientation.
3. We have a “Champions Program” which is a user peer group of our clients. The group shares tips and tricks, discusses problems and gets regular newsletters on new features.
4. Our change management services cover the softer side of new technology training. We help organizations adapt and evolve to integrate new technologies. Technology training is especially valuable for new technology and new employee integration.