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Office 365

Microsoft got it right.
Reliable. Affordable. Flexible and Secure. Office 365 is a clear winner. Its’ also the gateway to Microsoft’s workflow tools and applications. Tremendous capabilities at your fingertips with integration and development fully supported by Quartet.

So will you.
The more you use Office 365, the better it gets. All your applications. All your reports. Your entire operation in one place. Perfect.

And we’ll make integrating Office 365 easy. We’ve done it successfully over 50,000 times for businesses around the world, and we were #1 in Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics installs.

The entire migration, from A to Z, could not have gone any better. The attention to detail, planning and execution was the best I’ve ever experienced in my 30+ years. All users are now using the MS Cloud with no significant concerns, and all other third-party interfaces are seamless. Clearly, the pre and post customer service addressed all user needs. I’d also like to specifically highlight the exemplary service from our account rep, who has almost become one of the TICO team (we may even have him back to celebrate his birthday along with the other staff). No question was too big, too small, trivial or complex. Your team provided superb service throughout this journey.
Personally, I am impressed by the quality of service and the product-rich features this solution provides. All-in-all, a first-class job; well done; just wish we had done it sooner!
      – Richard Smart | Travel Industry Council of Ontario.

Technical Insights

Work-life integration, enabled through telecommuting

Phones are now as powerful as laptops, meaning we all work across multiple devices. It’s a great trend to embrace due to the many benefits of telecommuting such as greater scheduling flexibility, fewer interruptions, and more time to work.

It’s no longer about work-life balance, it’s now about work-life integration

In today’s world of instant gratification, we are always connected and plugged in. There are no breaks. It’s the rise of the “anywhere, anytime worker.” However, this doesn’t mean that workers are less productive or impactful. In 2007 Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix managed his company, which is based in California remotely from Italy. In today’s world working remotely can be highly successful and offer staff the ability to be more flexible without sacrificing productivity.
     In fact, telecommuting might even increase productivity. One study has shown office employees feel their jobs start to impede on their life after 37 hours of work a week. However, this differed with telecommuters, who started feeling their work impede on their life after 57 hours a week. Furthermore, an employee who telecommutes just two days a week will save an average of $2000 a year on gas and maintenance costs.

For telecommuting to work, you need two things

The first is having the right mindset, both individually and with your team. Communication is often one of the biggest hurdles in any workplace. If you focus on clarity and strong documentation, your team can achieve more focused communication remotely than if they worked beside one another due to fewer distractions and better workflow.
     The second is having the right tools. Mobile workers will often work on their own devices and transfer files into the public storage system by emailing or using USB sticks. This creates security threats and compliance issues. This is why we love using Office 365 so much, as it offers a solution to this problem. You can work on your files from any device. Having more control and security over how your data is accessed and where it is being stored. 

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