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Network monitoring and management is a core Quartet service that is used by virtually every client. Many of our network services are included in our Security Program. These services are augmented with custom services to acquire, configure and maintain the performance of your connectivity infrastructure.

We will identify and resolve performance bottlenecks in both your internal and external networks. This includes complete vendor management, application performance monitoring and remote connectivity management. With our round the clock monitoring, we instantly receive issue notifications and our team is ready 7×24 to resolve them. Configuration management, firmware upgrades and VPN tunnel monitoring are part of our service. You get total round-the-clock performance monitoring and security management. With increasing remote connectivity and cloud infrastructure reliance, a comprehensive network management program is an imperative for most companies.

Services Provided by Network Support & Management

  • Remote monitoring of network devices 24×7
  • Notification of outages
  • Remote administration of network equipment
  • Wireless support and management
  • VPN user administration
  • Monitoring of ISP connections and client router/firewall availability
  • Access to Quartet’s Network Specialists
  • Notification and resolution of network outages during after hours
  • SNMP Management – Interface utilization, latency, custom SNMP traps
  • SonicWall Configuration
  • Onsite support
  • After hours support

Services Offered Exclusively through Security as a Service

  • SNMP Management – Interface utilization, latency, custom SNMP traps
  • Firewall rule changes
  • SonicWall Firmware Upgrades
  • SonicWall VPN Tunnel Monitoring
  • SonicWall Monthly Reports
  • SonicWall Express RMA
  • SonicWall  CGSS Security Suite
Technical Insights

Networking is supposed to help, not hinder you

It might be time to take a good hard look at how you manage your data. What are the costs? The risks? What needs to be kept in house?

Keeping your network up to date can be a strain, especially if you’re a smaller organization. Obvious costs are the continuous security patches and software updates that must be applied. You may not have considered that network switches, routers and anything else connected to your network, must be constantly updated. Every endpoint needs to be protected, and it doesn’t take long for that protection to go out of date. Solid network management looks beyond the needs of today and plans for future growth. On average enterprises will keep their hardware for seven years. This is a liability. At four years old most hardware is considered obsolete and puts your data at risk.

When replacing this hardware consider future capacity, not just cost.  Making a sideways purchase with little room for growth will certainly limit your future potential and growth. However, with the Security Program, clients have access to a Dell SonicWALL firewall and are eligible for an upgrade to a new firewall as early as 1 year into their service.

Network monitoring is no longer optional

Finally technology is increasingly becoming more legislated. Logs and monitoring information must be kept and analyzed. But how do you  look at millions of bits of information efficiently? Without an operational intelligence application to find abhorrent behaviour, you may never know about risky employee behaviour or outside probes of your network.