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Free Technical Audit

With our Technical Audit, Quartet offers you a detailed health check and performance assessment for your entire infrastructure. During the audit, we analyze single machines, servers, network, security, disaster recovery and more. We identify technical and organizational stoppers and give you actionable reports in priority order.

Using special software and processes, we generate live data which enables our technical team to analyze your overall infrastructure performance as well as potential risks in a detailed report. 

That report categorizes your IT into “Must do, Should do and Could do” which gives organizations an action plan to put into operation. We also provide a comprehensive cost estimation which allows you to calculate your return on investment or risk avoidance.

What’s the scope of the IT Audit?
During our review of your IT environment, we will focus on answering the following questions:

  • What is the current state of technology infrastructure and are there any road blocks?
  • What type of asset lifecycle management system is in place? Do workstation refreshes need to be managed more closely?
  • Are the tools and applications being used to their full potential? (Eg: CRM application) Are there any that should be considered for replacement?
  • Are you telephony needs being met with your current solution? Is there opportunity to bring costs down?
  • How strong is the company’s web presence on the internet? Are there any web analytics currently in place?
  • Are there any major disconnects between what the business expects and what IT delivers today? What about future plans?
  • What IT projects and functions are needed to carry the business forward over the next 1-3 years?

Quartet’s Approach
Quartet’s approach to helping organizations with this IT Review and Assessment project involves the following major steps:

  • Project coordination
  • High-level IT Infrastructure assessment via:
    • Onsite network discovery
    • Remote statistics collection
  • Onsite Telephony assessment
  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations