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The role of on-site technical service is changing.  Hands on technical support and user assistance are still required, but training, services integration, and leadership are increasingly important. Our field staff is trained to provide comprehensive technical support and account management. Their role is shifting from being mostly reactive to mostly proactive.

We also provide long-term on-site staff. They work closely with your existing IT team or with your head office IT team. Our larger clients and multi-nationals often choose this option because of the flexibility, reliability, and simplicity.

We keep the same team of technicians with specific clients. Your staff will see a familiar face with every visit. These technicians will understand the intricacies of your IT department and workplace.

Services provided by Onsite Support

  • Workstation installation & support
  • Software and hardware troubleshooting
  • Email configuration
  • Migration/next day support
  • Software licensing, installation and troubleshooting
  • Office networking installation and upgrades
  • Wireless networking
  • Server room checks; firewall and network installations
  • Printer installation, configuration, and management
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Telephone support, hardware setup, troubleshooting, VoIP, cabling, and tracing
  • Smartphone support (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android)
  • Consultations, suggestions, and tutorials

How does this help?

Courteous, uniformed field technicians resolve your on-site IT issues quickly and carefully. You will have a prime technician and a backup technician. Both are required to enter all data and activities in our support system. Your primary field technician is responsible for developing your IT capabilities which include budgeting, asset management and introducing ideas. Field staff works closely with our remote support team and technical specialists.  They will know you well and are a key part of our account management program.

Help Desk

Our Help Desk is a Quartet differentiator.  We use sophisticated tools to record and analyze activities.  You have live access on each incident along with monthly and quarterly statistical analysis. Remote support tools enable in-depth analysis and problem resolution. We can do our work while your staff is away from the computer.

Help Desk staff are courteous and communicate well.  They sit beside our network, server and security specialists and are closely linked to field technicians. We have a highly integrated approach to remote support. Your satisfaction is our prime metric. We constantly measure it and adjust our services accordingly.

We organize your company’s information at our fingertips so we:

  • Do not ask repetitive questions
  • Thoroughly understand your infrastructure
  • Build relationships with your staff
  • Solve issues fast

You will have real-time, online access to our ticketing system to view reports to see how quickly issues are resolved and where improvements are being made. All technology pillars (desktop, network, server & telephony) reside within a single management system, operated and managed by us.

  • 24×7 x 365 support from local Toronto IT experts
  • Toll-free helpdesk access across Canada
  • Average helpdesk answer time – 32 seconds
  • Support for Microsoft products, including Windows OS and the Office software suite
  • Support for mobile devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android), PDAs and desktop phones
  • Remote desktop support through our web portal
  • Infrastructure support, including server and network troubleshooting
  • Consolidated ticket tracking & management
  • Quarterly Reports on helpdesk usage trends and statistics