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Virtual CIO

Quartet provides senior staff for technology/business integration and planning.  For example

  • Develop IT budgets and set priorities,
  • Host monthly advisory meetings with your management team,
  • Create and maintain a long term technology plan,
  • Address staffing and vendor management issues,
  • Business process reengineering to take advantage of new technology,
  • Asset planning (inventory management, obsolete equipment),
  • New technology recommendations,
  • RFP writing and negotiation,
  • Project management,
  • Custom software development management,
  • Regulatory compliance.

Retainer or project based fees or both.  This service is becoming increasingly popular, but is only available to clients with existing Quartet service contracts.

Success Story

Mid-tier Insurance Company, Canada: Virtual CIO Customer

Ecclesiastical is an insurance company that works closely with the independent national broker network. They provide customized insurance solutions to faith organizations, retirement communities, education facilities, unique properties, registered charities and non-for profit organizations and select commercial enterprises.

Quartet has been working with Ecclesiastical Insurance since October 2010 providing virtual CIO and support services. We have successfully completed the following projects

  • System Centre Essentials 2010 Deployment – Server Monitoring recommendation from RFP response
  • Firewall upgrades
  • UPS Network Management
  • Backup Upgrade & Windows Server Agent
  • Server consolidation/Virtualization
  • Replaced all Windows 2000 servers
  • Prepared recommendations for MI infrastructure.

Through monthly advisory meetings, we continue to guide and consult Ecclesiastical Insurance with a number of their needs so they can perform their duties to their clients with ease. We have upgraded their servers to Windows 2012 from Windows 2003 and are constantly researching newer technologies to recommend that may be better equipped to address their needs. It is anticipated that within the next couple of years we will help integrate WatchDox, the new secure document sharing software by Blackberry which is also ideal for the transfer of sensitive files.

All of our recommendations are made after having thoroughly researched and established any system or environmental dependencies between the specific tech update and the organization’s technical environment.

Quartet does this through compliance reporting. This involves providing answers for Ecclesiastical Insurance’s internal security audits, working through recommendations from computed external security audits and providing assistance in responding to OFiFC security questionnaires.

Quartet also develops annual IT budget and priorities reports as well as a secondary value for insurance asset reports that includes the projection of expected support costs for the coming year. These reports allow for us to create and maintain a long term technology strategy to improve IT standardization. In keeping track of Ecclesiastical Insurance’s assets we have been able to determine how to integrate custom software development to fit to their needs.

Asgar, a Quartet employee has been deployed to Ecclesiastical Insurance to ensure more fluid communication between our companies. In addition, Asgar has been helpful in providing quick support and has allowed for a better coordination of projects.

In summary, through offering virtual CIO service, we take a broader view of our client and focus on business and IT alignment. We do this by maintaining the IT infrastructure, planning their technology roadmap and identifying opportunities to use new technology tools. Quartet and Ecclesiastical Insurance have been working together for over half a decade now and we are continuing to grow and evolve our role with Ecclesiastical.