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Agile Project Management

Our specialty is managing successive small projects as part of an overall development plan. This “agile is good” approach is especially valuable for digital transformations. Each project builds on the success and knowledge from previous projects. This approach ensures that organizational development is in lock step with technical innovation. Our clients build confidence, staff are engaged and empowered, organization changes stick and passive aggressive change resistance is minimized.

Agile project management is disciplined. We follow PMP best practices, make extensive use of tools and ensure that communications are clear and regular. Project management is part of our technology integration program. Technology integration includes staff training and support on new technologies and new work flow processes.  It also includes development of new processes and capabilities as your digital transformation program unfolds. We have managed projects up to $8m.  We often work as part of a team with technology vendors, specialty service providers and our clients.  These larger projects are usually done for clients that we have an existing retainer relationship with.

Technical Insights

Project management is more than science: it’s an art

The science behind project management is well documented and tooled.  Planning, estimating, measuring and controlling the process are all essential tasks for any successful project. People and tasks must be tracked, and alerts sent out when things start to go wrong. The hope is that by doing so your projects will stay on the right track. There are many great tools to help you with this; some of our preferences are ConnectWise and MS Project.

Sadly these tools won’t guarantee flawless delivery or completion, because project management is an art.  The project manager has to lead, motivate, communicate, and enable his/her team with everything they need to get their tasks done. The project manager has to be able to react quickly and intuitively, to see the truth and where the project is in each unique situation.

Project Manager: diplomat and communications expert

Flexibility is crucial as project requirements change on the drop of a hat, they almost always do.  When your budget starts to grow, deliverables start to come in late and with glitches, it’s easy to panic and become stressed.

However here are some tips to put everything back on track:

  • Re-evaluate the current project status and define the new problems that have arisen
  • Refine your plan and the indicators which you are using to monitor progress based on these new insights
  • Finally communicate with shareholders and your project team explaining the process of your new direction

During the process of any project, it’s hard to step back and gain perspective when you’re struggling to complete tasks on time, panicking or experiencing delays, but don’t forget to celebrate the small victories and keep an eye on the road ahead.

Remember to remain flexible and keep moving towards your goal. With these things in mind, a successful completion will become a reality.