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Office365 – Champions Program

The traditional workplace is on the move and you won’t always find it in an office anymore. The challenge today is keeping everyone connected, engaged and productive. No matter how or where they’re working.

You have access to the technology that will enable greater creativity, increased productivity and smarter collaboration. Now, the key is to empower your workforce to use it.

Office365 Champions Program is designed to help you show your team-mates how they can be more efficient, more creative and more productive with Office365.

Office365 Champions taps into the tech-savvy, natural influencers who already exist inside your organisation. It will create trusted and sought-after coaches out of this community, who will be rewarded for helping their colleagues to work in smarter, more productive ways with Office365. The Office365 Champions harnesses the passion of your natural champions – the kind of people who influence others, who enthusiastically embrace new technology and love to share their knowledge.

It’s flexible. Quartet motivates, equips and supports your Office365 Champions and your Office365 Champions Sponsor, with an in-depth kit of assets to guide you along the way. Your organization owns and manages the program – adapting it to meet your business needs.

Are you passionate about Office365 ?
Are you a leader among your colleagues ?
Are you eager to learn new skills ?

This is precisely why we need your help:
As a champion, we recognize that you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts. Here’s what we’ll give you:

  • We will guide you through some Office365 quick wins and give you resources to share with your colleagues
  • You will also be added to a Yammer Champions group letting you communicate and share best practices with the Quartet   Office365 team as well as the Champions of other companies.
  • Invites to Microsoft’s VIP events
  • Discounts at the Microsoft store